Welcome to the Orlando Law Practice, P.C.

The business of entertainment is one of the most fascinating and exciting businesses you can be involved in. However it can also be one of the most ruthless and unfair businesses as well. Trust me on this because I have been in the business for over 20 years, and after many years spent as an on-air radio personality, I was able to witness these dealings first hand. That is what prompted me to become an attorney specializing in entertainment issues. There is no one who can better negotiate and understand the dealings of the entertainment industry…the terminology, the protocol, the practices…as one who has lived it and made it her livelihood. During my time in radio and broadcasting, I was fortunate to make invaluable contacts in many areas of the field; radio station managers, program directors, music directors and air-talent at stations across the country, television air-talent, record label executives, A & R directors, record producers, record promotion representatives, studio managers, globally renowned club DJ’s, techno and house artists, producers and remixers, musicians, concert and event promoters, and nightclub owners just to name a few.

The Orlando Law Practice PC. was established in 1995. I'm Lisa Orlando, and I diligently and meticulously crafted, created and developed my boutique law practice. My practice is a smaller, specialty firm that will allow me to super-serve you, the client. You will get a highly qualified and experienced attorney who focuses on client service and contact. I specialize in entertainment law but also handle other areas of the law that impact men and women on a regular basis.

These additional practice areas include civil litigation (both plaintiff and defendant representation); landlord-tenant, probate (including guardianships and wills) and I can assist you in the set-up and formation of your small business and advise you on the legal issues regarding it.

I am an advocate of Alternative Dispute Resolution and I am a certified SCAO Case Evaluator and Mediator. I have mediated domestic issues such as child support/custody/parenting time/property division etc., as well as general civil matters such as business and contract disputes.

Compassionate counselor, assertive representation.

Undaunted by any opponent’s reputation or size.

I have the skill and experience to protect and promote your interests and rights.